Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Predictor: College Football

The Predictor: College Football Edition brought to you by Dean's Sports.

With this application you can input statistics from the official college football website and the app will give you the predicted team scores, the favorite, and the total game points.

The formula used in this application has been in use for over a decade and has a fairly good track record.

Team Points 45%, Total Points 75%

Data from previous years is coming...

The screen shots are from the Orange Bowl on Jan 3, 2011. Virginia Tech vs. Stanford. The Predictor said Stanford would win by 12. The odds-makers set the line as Stanford a 3.5 point favorite. Good value in the line for Stanford. Stanford won 40-12. This was one of the biggest line differences (8.5) of all the bowl games. The Predictor also said there would be a total of 56 total points scored in the game. The odds-makers set the total at 59 points. 52 total points were scored in the game, under 59. Meaning The Predictor also predicted the total points better than the odds-makers.

The Predictor is for entertainment purposes only. We do not condone gambling.

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